WhileFly turns the boring experience on-board,
into a whole new experience in the sky

About WhileFly

WhileFly enables passengers on-board to enjoy their mobile devices and consume free content during their flight like they were connected on the ground. Our disruptive technology enables us to provide such a service with a fraction of the cost associate with the expensive satellite connectivity.

WhileFly offers to passengers throughout the flight to learn about their upcoming destination, watch movies, book attractions and buy products with a significant discount by turning the airplane into a marketplace in the sky.


Tell your story to a captive

Catch your audience in the best mood. On their way to vacation, with free time and most important without the day to day interruptions.

WhileFly’s technology enables advertisers to promote their message to the right audience at the right time to achieve superior results compared to any other marketing channels.


Increase your ancillary revenues
with zero cost on your behalf

WhileFly offers budget airlines an industry-unique business model.

Our Risk-Free plan enables carriers to deploy entertainment solution tomorrow, with a zero cost on their behalf, while enjoying a share from WhileFly revenues

Media Owners

Reuse of content while increasing

Newspapers, magazines, bloggers, tour-guides, audio, and video media owners – you can earn money from our rev-share program.

Upload your content to our airplanes and enjoy a constant stream of revenues from media you already created. We are open to new and creative ideas of collaborations.

Service Providers

WhileFly drives tourist to your

Got a hotel that is not fully booked? Owner of an attraction and want to capture tourists? Have a new perfume you wish to sell onboard? We are here to help.

Learn about our attractive promotion program for tourists on their way to you. This is by far more effective than any other channel you tried. Isn’t it?

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